Dr. Coville values the steadfast commitment of his equine and livestock clients in their efforts to obtain and provide the highest level of appropriate veterinary care for their animals.  He also recognizes the on-going difficulties endured by those whose farm locations are distant from any of the few large animal veterinarians in northern Maine.  In an effort to address at least some of those difficulties, AVS is in the process of establishing a new method for medication delivery directly to your farm addresses.  If successful, this will remove the burden of having to drive to a medication pickup location, or having to wait for Dr. Coville to make a physical delivery to your farm.  The completion of the process will require that your e-mail address is in your client file at AVS.  So, for those AVS clients who have not already provided their e-mail to us (and for those who wish to update) you are asked to follow the instructions below:


From your current e-mail address, send an e-mail to

Include your first and last name in the text, along with your best contact phone number for cross reference.

If you would, please provide an updated list of the current horses or livestock on your farm.

If desired, you are also invited to include a list of the medications and supplies you might desire within the next 12 months.


Once this new service is completed, hopefully the very start of 2021, all "Active" AVS clients will have immediate access to use this improved medication delivery system.  For those clients who have not had a farm visit within the past 12 months, your inactive status can be corrected with a single farm visit.  If you wish to schedule such a visit, you may include that request in your e-mail to AVS.  We look forward to providing this enhanced service to the farms of northern Maine.


("Active" status requires a valid Veterinary/Client/Patient Relationship as defined by both Federal and State regulations and guidelines.)