Case Consultation Service

After 34 yrs in private practice - seeing and treating dogs, cats, livestock, wildlife, and exotic pets - Dr. Coville is well aware that in certain circumstances a number of owners may not feel they got everything they needed related to their animal's health issues.  Specifically, they may feel that they were not provided a "good, complete, and un-rushed review and explanation of their animal's medical case and status".  Too often, owners may be only provided a cursory overview or a summary of the medical findings and test results.  They may end up with a brief and sometimes confusing explanation of the diagnosed or suspected problems , along with a limited outline of the planned treatment.  They will, many times, not be provided with an offering of alternatives or options in how to move forward. 

Now we should not all immediately jump to attack or "excessively" blame the veterinarian for the problem just noted.  As veterinarians, we all value our client and patient relationships.  We aim to provide the highest standard of care with services ranging from routine wellness exams, spay and neuter surgeries, dental care and disease treatment, medical diagnostic testing, and advanced medical services in some practices.  However, sometimes our aims and our results don't quite measure up to the desires and needs of our clients.  That failure can come from many reasons, some of which are listed below.

  • General Small Animal Practice can be rushed and filled with may voices and cases demanding prompt attention from the veterinarian. When things are rushed and hectic, not everything (or everyone) may get all the attention and time deserved.
  • Farm circumstances and conditions don't always lend themselves to easy, relaxed (or even dry) opportunities to fully discuss cases. 
  • Some veterinarians are really great doctors, but are really poor communicators.  Conversation and discussion skills are not a significant part of veterinary educational courses.
  • Casual, or initially minor, misunderstandings can occasionally result in hurt feelings, offended egos, and defensive or confrontational debates.
  • No matter how accurate and detailed information is, if it is provided in words not properly understood then it can be of little or no value and comfort to an owner in distress over their pet's or animal's illness or injury.  Good communication requires a common ground of words and terms between those talking.  

However, in recognition of and in response to the problems listed above - Dr. Coville now provides a service unique in Aroostook County.

  • The opportunity for an un-rushed review of all available material related to the case and the concerns of the owner.
  • An outside perspective provided by a third party with no prior part in the existing concerns or conflicts of the case.
  • A case evaluation by an experienced veterinarian with over 34 years in private practice, with a vast array of past real-world case histories to draw upon.
  • A commitment on the part of Dr. Coville to find a useful resolution that allows for the most appropriate and beneficial care being provided to the animal in need; the return of the client and patient to the current attending veterinarian being a priority goal whenever possible.
  • The primary objective of addressing and resolving whatever issues or events that have impeded the best application of the Veterinary/Client/Patient Relationship that should have existed in the animal's care.

If you find yourself, now or in the future, feeling that you don't fully understand what is going on you your pet or farm animal - please consider contacting Dr. Coville.  If you are concerned that you and your veterinarian may not have discussed all the potential treatment options for your animal - please reach out to Dr. Coville.  If you are currently in conflict with your regular veterinarian and you are considering seeking another practice - please speak to Dr. Coville first.  If you simply want to the chance to have a conversation on your pet's care with someone who might understand - call or write to Dr. Coville.

** This is a fee based service, but you will not be charged anything until after you have been made fully aware of charges related to the services provided.**